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Current Topics

December 2007

Wednesday 19th December 2007


'Fresh' supermarket chicken that flew in from Brazil months ago
Valerie Elliott: Consumer Editor, The Times


June 2006

Tuesday 20th June 2006


Linklater's Scotland: Cooking school meals
Magnucs Linklater: Columnist, Scotland on Sunday


January 2005

Monday 13th June 2005


Organic food and farming: hidden agendas
Anthony Trewavas, University of Edinburgh


Wednesday 19th January

  Proposal for a new organic status for hill farmers and conservation farmers: Organic "B" introduction and problems with organic rules
Ruth Watkins, Welsh Hill Farmer and former Consultant Virologist

March 2004

Thrusday 25 March

  What is environmentally friendly food production:? scientists' views
LEAF Scotland, St Andrews 24th March 2004

James Irvine, Teviot Scientific at Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie

February 2004

Monday 2 February


Pew's agenda becomes clearer
West Highland Free Press, Friday 23 January


January 2004

Monday 26 January


The taste for beef in the USA: letter from America
Robert Groom, Aberdeen Angus breeder, New York State

Friday 23 January


The Atkins Diet: at last farmers should be able to breed cattle for tasty beef again
Dr James Irvine, Retired Consultant Physician, Farmer at Cultybraggan. Comrie

Monday 19 January


Researcher struggles to show any benefit of "organic" farming to human health

Saturday 17 January


Soil Association tries to cash-in on Scottish farmed salmon contrived food scare

Friday 16 January


Answer this: who benefits from the salmon scare?
Magnus Linklater, Times Columnist

Thrusday 15 January


Salmon export not affected by research scare
Rolleiv Solholm, Norway Post

Monday 12 January


Spreading salmon scare stories
Magnus Linklater, Scotland on Sunday


June 2003

Monday 2 June


Agriculture: The Primary Health Service?
Soil Association and SAC Conference: Paisley, 28 May 2003
High in Hype but Poor in Credibility

James Irvine


April 2003

Friday 4 April

  Antibiotic Resistance in Humans not the Result of Excessive or Inappropriate use in Animals

Thursday 3 April


Animal medicine residues are not a problem for humans


February 2003

Tuesday 4 February


A Beef About Supermarkets
(Filed 04/02/03)


January 2003

Thursday 23 January


Northern Foods plc and Lord Haskins - Is Lord Haskins a suitable person to be the senior advisor to Government on agriculture?

Wednesday 15 January


A heavy price to pay for gobbling up cheap food - Magnus Linklater

2002 Articles

Prince Charles invites heads of Supermarkets to Highgrove to Discuss Farm Prices and Promotion of Local Farm Products (15/11/02)

Food Standards Agency does not Provide Support for Organic Farming (04/11/02)
See Environment Homepage

Functional Foods

Organic Foods - See LEAF Conference on Environment Homepage