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Tuesday 6th December 2016
James Irvine
Editor: www.land-care.org.uk

Monday 24th October 2016
James Irvine
Editor: www.land-care.org.uk

Wednesday 14th September 2016
COMRIE FLOOD PREVENTION PLAN: As proposed by Perth & Kinross Council and Mouchel
James Irvine
Editor: www.land-care.org.uk

Tuesday 14th June 2016
James Irvine
Editor: www.land-care.org.uk

Friday 7th March 2014
New scientist special report on UK floods is seriously flawed
James Irvine
Editor: www.land-care.org.uk

Thursday 11th February 2014
Floods at Somerset Levels: the great conservation debacle
James Irvine
Editor: www.land-care.org.uk

Wednesday 29th December 2010
"Trend of milder winters continues"
stated the Met Office in September 2008

James Irvine
Editor: www.land-care.org.uk

Sunday 4th April 2010
Controlling predators can save the curlew
It’s unfashionable, but shooting a fox or catching a
stoat is good for wading birds

Magnus Linklater
Editor: Scottish Edition, The Times

Saturday 27th February 2010
Scotland’s heritage ‘put at risk
by Trust mismanagement’

Mike Wade
Columnist: The TImes


September 2007

Sunday 2nd September 2007


All right, eagles shouldn’ t be poisoned. But . .
Magnus Linklater: Editor, Scottish Edition of The Times


July 2007

Thursday 19th July 2007


A brilliantly Swiss scheme to ignore global warming
Magnus Linklater: Editor, The Times (Scottish Edition)


March 2007

Sunday 18th March 2007


The head of NERC responds in the climate change debate with more emotion than logic
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


Thursday 15th March 2007


Is global warming is due to the sun: not industrial CO2?
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


January 2007

Monday 22nd January 2007


Badgers in Moray get new housing, while people do without
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


December 2006

Wednesday 20th December 2006


Flood prevention measures at Comrie
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


November 2006

Sunday 5th November 2006


The introduction of sea eagles to the coasts of Scotland
Kirsty MacLeod: Ardlarach, Letterfinlay, Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire


August 2006

Friday 25th August 2006


Harvest in the Southern Uplands of Scotland: if you want the landscape and local food you will need to support it in a sensible way.
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


Sunday 13th August 2006


Nuclear waste: you know you want it
Magnus Linklater: Columnist, The Times


July 2006

Tuesday 25th July 2006


Architect's heart of glass
Magnus Linklater: Columnist, Scotland on Sunday


Thursday 6th July 2006


Loch Leven cormorants must not be shot, says Scottish Executive.
For why? Letter to Editor.

Shaun Quinn: R.Hill & Co, www.powhillonfarm.co.uk


June 2006

Tuesday 27th June 2006


SNH statements concerning Loch Leven discussed. Is SNH a good land manager? Can SNH be trusted with our heritage?
James Irvine: Editor, www.land-care.org.uk, Teviot Scientific, Edinburgh & Perthshire


Monday 12th June 2006


Cormorants and the decline of trout fishing in Loch Leven: SNH responds
to Land-Care's questions

James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


May 2006

Monday 1st May 2006


Sound of Arisaig is an mSAC: new details of SNH advice about regulation. What is its relevance to the proposed Marine and Coastal National Park in the area?
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Edinburgh & Perthshire


April 2006

Tuesday 4th April 2006


Farm activities: dung spreading
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


March 2006

Monday 27th March 2006


Linklater's Scotland: The new executive chairman of the National Trust for Scotland: poisoned chalice or holy grail?
Magnus Linklater: Columnist, Scotland on Sunday


Monday 20th March 2006


Bang goes the 'harmful man' theory: grouse moor owners are heroes not villians of conservation
Magnus Linklater: Columnist, The Times


Thursday 16th March 2006

  Notice of Public Meeting Mallaig Community Centre, 25th March
"Are you concerned about the prospects of living in a Coastal Marine National Park?"

Wednesday 15th March 2006


Is a Coastal Marine National Park really wanted? If so, who says that it is? And who wants to live in it?


February 2006

Thursday 2nd February 2006


Marine National Park
Kirsty Macleod: Ardlarach, Letterfinlay, Spean Bridge, Inverness-shire


January 2006

Saturday 21st January 2006


SNH criticised over the management of its hill farm at Cairnsmore
James Irvine: Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


December 2005

Thursday 8th December 2005


The absurdity of Margaret Beckett's goldplated tallow


November 2005

Tuesday 29th November 2005

  Who takes the flack when "farming for the environment" schemes fail to deliver?
Kirsty Macleod, Founder of People TOO

August 2005

Sunday 28th August 2005


Claws out on a silent moorland
Magnus Linklater: Columnist, The Times
Reproduced from August 2004


Tuesday 23rd August 2005


Contrary to what RSPB and English Nature would have us believe, curlews are doing fine on upland moors managed for grouse shooting
James Irvine: Editor, www.land-care.org.uk


July 2005

Wednesday 13th July 2005


Some conservationists wake up to the fact that "environmental" agendas may not be good for conservation


June 2005

Thursday 30th June


Linklater's Scotland: windmills in the Highlands
Magnus Linklater: Columnist, Scotland on Sunday


March 2005

Saturday 12th March


Beavers and SNH
Kirsty MacLeod, Founder, People Too

February 2005

Thursday 3rd February

  Letter: National Trust and Yewdale Farm, Coniston
R. Lewkonia ,Land-Care website reader

January 2005

Saturday 29th January


Fury with the National Trust as it plans to break up historic farm in the Lake district.
James Irvine, Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire

Wednesday 19th January

  Proposal for a new organic status for hill farmers and conservation farmers: Organic "B" introduction and problems with the organic rules
Ruth Watkins, Welsh Hill Farmer and former Consultant Virologist

Monday 10th January

  Tearing down heritage borders on insanity
Magnus Linklater, Columnist, Scotland on Sunday

December 2004

Monday 13th December


Why is Loch Lomond National Park not working properly? Who runs it?
James Irvine, Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire

Saturday 11th December


RSPB-backed 'green' electricity marketing scheme censured by Advertising Standards Agency

Tuesday 7th December


The state of Scotland's National Parks
Ian Mitchell, Lagavulin, Isle of Isla

A number of articles relevant to the Environment are contained in the section SOCIAL/ECONOMIC/POLITICAL

April 2004

Sunday 18th Arpil


Correction re MoD cadets at Cultybraggan

Thursday 15th April


Local newspaper takes up Land-Care's concerns over proper control of army cadets with guns
James Irvine, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire

Sunday 11th April


So this is how the MOD educates kids to behave in the countryside
James Irvine, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


March 2004

Thursday 25th March


What is environmentally friendly food production? - the scientists' views. LEAF meeting at St Andrews University
Dr James Irvine, Teviot Scientific at Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire


February 2004

Monday 16th February


Sma' Glen Windfarm Project: Petition to Scottish Executive

Wednesday 4th February


Historic Scotland challenged over ruined castle in Moidart


Not chuffed: a little snippet
Ian Mitchell, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay

Tuesday 3rd February


Not chuffed: a little snippet
Ian Mitchell, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay


January 2004

Friday 16th January


Windfarms in USA face lawsuit over massive killing of birds
Jeff Miller, Center for Biological Diversity, San Fransisco, USA

Thursday 15th January


Discontent with the National Trust expressed in BBC TV 2 programme

Wednesday 7th January


RSPB, Capercaille and Choughs
Ian Mitchell, Isle of Islay, Scotland


Corncrakes, Capercaillie and the RSPB
Kirsty Macleod, Letterfinlay, Inverness-shire



November 2003

Thursday 20th November

  Consultation on the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill: Response to a "Call for Evidence"
People Too

Monday 10th November

  Response to Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill Consultation
Ian Mitchell, Port Ellen, Isle of Islay, Scotland


October 2003

Friday 31st October


SNH workshop on communities, calendars and biodiversity

Wednesday 29th October

  Nature Conservation Bill: Environment and Rural Development Committee 29th Oct
Kirsty Macleod, People 2

Friday 24 October

  SCA response to draft Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill
Scottish Countryside Alliance, Ingliston, Edinburgh
  SCA meetings to discuss the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill
  SEERAD's comments 28 May 03 on Nature Conservation (Scotland) Bill
Scottish Executive Environment and Rural Affairs Department


Saturday 23 August

  Nature's Protectors should get out more
Ian Mitchell

July 2003

Friday 18 July


Lochaber Biodiversity Forum: Comments on its function
Kirsty Macleod

Friday 11 July

  Arran Moors - Scientific objection to its designation as SSSI and SAP
Editorial in LandCare Scotland

Thursday 10 July


Sound of Barra - Objection to proposed designation as Special Area of Conservation
Editorial in LandCare Scotland


May 2003

Wednesday 21 May

  SNH hedgehog farce degenerates into expensive grotesque

Monday 12 May


SNH seen as Barrier to Rural Development

SNH the victim of political correctness

Friday 9 May

  Is SNH a Good Land Manager? Duich Moss, Islay

Thursday 8 May

  PEOPLE TOO response to Amendments to the Conservation Regulations

Wednesday 7 May


Sustainability in Agriculture
Dr James Irvine

Thursday 1 May


Disposal of Fallen Stock
Dr James Irvine


April 2003

Wednesday 30 April


SNH Hedgehog Saga - Update 30th April 2003

Friday 25 April

  Hedgehogs: autocratic attitude
Tonia C Thain

Tuesday 15 April


Conservation and the Misuse of Science - Hedgehogs, Bats and Badgers
Dr James Irvine

Crofters ignored
Ian Mitchell

Growing the economy - instead of milking it

Bats and Rabies
Professor Colin A Galbraith

Badgers and the Law
National Federation of Badger Groups

Rabies and Bats: Correspondence with Dr Colin Catto, Director - National Bat Monitoring Programme

Monday 14 April


When even Mother Nature finds it hard to cope with man's interference
Magnus Linklater

New doubts raised on cull of hedgehogs
John Ross

Friday 11 April

  Hedgehog Problem is not new
Ian Mitchell

Thursday 10 April


Why is it necessary to ban burial of all fallen stock?
Part 2: The view of the EC Scientific Steering Committee

James Irvine

Thursday 3 April


Why is it necessary to ban the burial of all fallen stock?
Part I: Is it do with the supply of drinking water?

James Irvine


March 2003

Tuesday 25 March


Scottish Gamekeepers Association Petition to Scottish Parliament

RSPB falls foul of the Scottish Gamekeepers Association (SGA) over the management of Raptors

Tuesday 18 March


RSPB falls foul of the Advertising Standards Authority

RSPB and Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: a reflection of how they view farming


February 2003

Thursday 20 February

  Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) in Lower Nithsdale: UPDATED 20/02/03

Tuesday 18 February

  Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) in Lower Nithsdale

Monday 17 February

  New EU Animal By-Products Regulation

Tuesday 11 February

  Tiree mart has cash at last

Monday 10 February


Bats and Rabies: Poor Advice from Prof Colin Galbraith, SNH Chief Scientist, on Landward Programme

Friday 7 February

  Small Abattoir Inspection Costs could be reduced says EU


January 2003

Wednesday 29 January

  SNH told to think again

Monday 27 January

  Hedgehogs on Uist - SNH in More Trouble

Wednesday 22 January


Human Rabies and Bat Bites
Lancet Article 2001, Jackson and Fenton

Organic Farming and Sheep Scab - Just Read the Regulations

Monday 20 January

  Hedgehogs Galore

Tuesday 14 January 2003

  Letter to Perth & Kinross Council
James Irvine

Monday 13 January


Poor Bat Advice

Draft Nature Conservation Bill in Preparation

Scottish Gamekeepers Association Response to the Scottish Executive Policy Statement "The Nature of Scotland"

Gamekeepers’ Association Official Joins Growing Row over Hedgehogs

Monday 6 January


Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust: Acquisition of Agricultural Land

2002 Articles

“Organic Farmers will have to get real” says Professor McKellar (23/12/02)

Further Concern about SNH Advice re Rabid Bats - Kirsty Macleod (23/12/02)

Disastrous EC Agreement on Fishing Quotas 20th Dec 2002 - How did this mess come about? (23/12/02)
See Social/Economic/Political Homepage

Bats and Rabies, No. 3 - How can Rabies be transmitted from Bats to People?

Bats and Rabies, No. 2 - Comment on letter from Bat Conservation Trust, Courier 30 November 2002

Bats and Rabies, No. 1 - First Death from Rabies in the UK for 100 years

Letters reproduced from the Dundee Courier regarding rabies in bats

Fire in Edinburgh Old Town destroys much of World Heritage Site

Botched Flood Prevention Scheme: How not to do it

Hundreds of UK Abattoirs Could Close if new EU Regulations are Implemented - CLA News Release, 26/11/02

Scientific Objection to the Sound of Barra as a possible Special Area of Conservation (pSAC)

Suspected Rabies in Man bitten by a BAT in Scotland (19/11/02)

People Too launch their website (19/11/02)

Food Standards Agency does not Provide Support for Organic Farming (04/11/02)

Plight of the Sea fishing Industry - Cod Stocks at Record Low (See Science Homepage)

Assynt Crofter’s Trust in Trouble with their Dam (28/10/02)

Resignation of SEPA Chief Executive, 24 October 2002 (28/10/02)

Warmwell apologies for comments re LEAF conference

Flood Prevention Schemes - Effect on the Landscape

Professor Trewavas and other speakers at LEAF Conference

Integration of Farming with the Environment at Cultybraggan Farm


Book Reviews

The Skeptical Environmentalist: Measuring the Real State of the World
Bjorn Lomborg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
First published: 2001
9th reprint: Sept 2002

Nature Contested: Environmental History in Scotland and Northern England since 1600
T.C. Smout
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
First Published: July 2000