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The need for the NBA Scotland Petition for
a change in EC rules regarding
Bluetongue vaccination

James Irvine

Teviot Scientific, Cultybraggan Farm, Comrie, Perthshire

Filed 06 Apr 08

The latest Weekly Review (4th April) from NFU Scotland states:

"What makes bad sense is the European requirement that as soon as you opt to vaccinate, the area in which vaccination takes place becomes a protection zone and stock is allowed to move freely between all protections zones. Given the period of time it takes for the vaccine to take effect and proffer immunity, this creates a time period when diseased animals could move into newly created protection zones and created a greater risk of disease.

We have asked for this, our chief vet on the Scottish industry’s behalf has asked for this and a current petition doing the rounds is asking for this. Our chief vet is convinced, given his previously heated exchanges with the commission, that European rules will not be altered to allow this. That is disappointing."

But that is not a reason for not continuing to try and get these very damaging EC rules changed. Rather it emphasises the need to continue to try and persuade the EC to move on from outdated disease control methods and to make much better use of modern diagnostic technology.

When Scotland's Chief Vet gets such a put down from the EC, then he should be supported with a groundswell of opinion from those who care about Scotland's livestock. Hence the Petition which is being mounted by NBA Scotland.

This week's The Scottish Farmer carries a picture of Alyn Smith, Scotland's representative on the European Parliament's agricultural committee, adding his name to the NFUS sheep double-tagging petition. He is reported as commenting:

"Things can get changed in Brussels when people take the trouble to get organised and argue their case."

That is exactly what the NBA Scotland Petition is all about.

It should be realised that this Petition has relevance beyond Scotland. Were the Petition to be successful it would open the way for other countries to benefit. Support for the Petition is therefore sought from throughout the EU.

How to Register your Support for the Petition

If you can read this article on-line, then it is very simple to register your support for the Petition.

Go to www.warmwell.com Then Go to Bluetongue section. This provides a direct link with the NBA electronic facility for signing up on-line.


Go to www.nationalbeefassociation.com Then Go to NATIONAL & REGIONAL NEWS menu (on left): Go to SCOTTISH NEWS and click on PETITION. This provides the electronic facility for readily registering your support for the Petition.

In the case of any difficulty, please phone the NBA on 01434 601 005